Lisa Manning, artist and designer behind Little Hotch…

“Why the name Little Hotch?” you might wonder.

Sadly, in May 2017 my mother-in-law died unexpectedly. It obviously hit us all very hard, but then it also made me realise that life is definitely too short for the ‘what if’s’. I decided from that point on I was going to set up my own business concentrating on wildlife illustrations. The name Little Hotch is partly taken from my mother-in-laws upholstery business, which was called Hotch Potch House Upholstery.

Painting has always been in my life and I love experimenting with both paints and digital illustration I really enjoy creating something unique. I am inspired by painting wildlife and nature and mainly create art with watercolours.

Why I waited so long is a mystery? I’d like to think a Little Hotch card will make someone smile; a Little Hotch original painting or print, hung in a hallway, will provide some pleasure before you step out the front door; or a hot cup of tea in a Little Hotch mug will warm your cold hands and produce a small sigh of contentment. If my art through Little Hotch makes you smile then Little Hotch and I have done our job.

Please keep checking my website as I’m always developing new designs and products. I love to work on customer led commissions and projects demanding different subjects and styles and I’d love to hear from you if you have any specific requests. 

If you would like to stock Little Hotch products in your shop, please email me at lisa@littlehotch.co.uk

If you would like to hear more, please contact me or follow me on Instagram or Facebook.

Thanks for reading and I hope your day has been brightened by a little bit of beautiful!